Airdate: Hunted

Get ready to run from July 17.

10 has confirmed a premiere date for its new reality series, Hunted as Sunday July 17.

Based on a UK format, the series sees 18 ordinary Australians on the run from a team of expert Hunters. The ‘Fugitives’ must go to great lengths to evade capture for 21 days.

July 17 is also the date Nine has confirmed for Beauty & the Geek‘s return, albeit with a 30 minute jump on 10.

Flying under the radar to avoid detection from the Hunters is no easy feat, with some of the country’s top experts working to track their every move.

As the Fugitives criss-cross the state of Victoria, the Hunters’ net will tighten around them. Those who manage to outsmart the Hunters and make it to a final Extraction Point will win a share of the $100,000 prize money.

This gripping series provides access-all-areas to both sides of the pursuit that plays out like a real-life thriller.

Hunted is produced by Endemol Shine Australia for Network 10.

7:30pm Sunday July 17 on 10.

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  1. I’ve been hanging out for this show since it was first teased at Upfronts in October last year. As a Reality TV freak, I cannot wait for this show to start! I think Hunted could be easily be the best show of 2022…

  2. My wife & I normally loathe reality TV; which is why we barely watch anything of 7, 9 & 10 (not to mention those pesky ads), but Hunted might be something worth watching. Will record it & if we get to the end of the 1st episode, then there’s a reasonable chance we’ll continue.

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