Four Corners: July 4

Liberal insiders speak out for the first time about the deep divisions within the party which led to an election loss.

On Four Corners next Monday, Sean Nicholls reports on how factional infighting contributed to the Liberal party’s election loss.

“(It’s) a cancer that’s infected the party and it needs to be excised. This cancer needs to be cut out. I’m speaking out because many, many people inside the Liberal party aren’t able to speak.” Former Liberal party state executive member

In the lead up to this year’s federal election, a factional war inside the Liberal party was about to explode.

“It’s the eve of the election, they say, ‘Oh, well, let’s stop these factional games. Let’s just appoint them.’ And that’s what happened. And I believe it cost them the election.” Former Liberal party member

Monday on Four Corners Liberal insiders speak out for the first time about the deep divisions within the party that directly implicated former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and went all the way to the High Court.

“There was World War 3 between the factions in terms of the candidates who had been nominated.” Senior Liberal

Scott Morrison’s involvement in overriding local branches to ensure the pre-selection of sitting members publicly reignited an ongoing feud within the Liberal party.

“The general public is completely turned off by what they see as factional games. That’s why we have to get our house in order. Our job is to fight for them, not fight each other.” Senior Liberal MP

One sitting Liberal MP reveals the aggressive branch stacking by the conservative faction to try and get rid of her.

“They aggressively took over that meeting, every single executive spot that belonged to local people…These were people we’d never met before in our lives. A bunch of blokes who were working specifically to take me out.” Liberal MP

Reporter Sean Nicholls also reveals the extraordinary measures undertaken by factional warriors in this internal war.

“I thought I’d seen it all. I’m pretty appalled. I better not talk about this. I’m sorry.” Former Liberal party member

Monday 4th July at 8.30pm.

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