“It’s been a privilege”: Leigh Sales signs off 7:30

It was a low key final 7:30 for Leigh Sales last night, after 11 years as anchor.

It was a low key final 7:30 for Leigh Sales last night, ending 11 years as ABC anchor.

The final program consisted of stories on the domestic terrorism, carbon credits, Ukraine War, and a referendum on the Uluru statement -all stories important stories no doubt regarded by the host.

Appearing to fight back tears at the end, Sales signed off simple with “It has been an absolute privilege. Thank you for having me, good night.”

There was no crew walking on with flowers and applause, but a celebration was held at ABC Ultimo on the same night as the ABC 90 Celebrate special.

In attendance were Leigh’s children, ABC managing director David Anderson and former MD Mark Scott, news boss Justin Stevens and predecessor Gaven Morris, colleagues, past and present crew.

Guardian Australia reported Mark Scott said in a farewell speech, “Kerry O’Brien came through 12 years with only one prime minister. You had six and just the constant turmoil and constant change and constant revision that winner-takes-all politics brings. But nevertheless, she persisted and in persisting just showed this remarkable strength and resilience and perseverance.”

David Anderson, said Sales was “famously unflappable”, especially on election night, and was “scrupulously fair” on all politicians.

“We remember the big interviews – [Shane] Warne, McCartney, the Dalai Lama – plus five prime ministers and a conga line of opposition leaders, premiers, bureaucrats and business leaders,” Anderson said.

Sales will take a break and intends to return to ABC in a new role in 2023, to be determined.

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  1. David writes “It was a low key final 7:30 for Leigh Sales …”
    SMH writes “As Leigh Sales departs the broadcaster’s most high-profile anchor role this week, her send-off is accompanied by all the bells and whistles of modern TV celebrity: farewell interviews, a promotional campaign celebrating her years in the 7.30 chair, and a half-hour tribute special airing on Friday night.”

    1. Ha. I can always rely on you for an ABC reaction (one day you might have to let that history with employer go), but I trust you can discern between what was on air and what was not. Not even a bunch of flowers is low key in my book.

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