Seven snatches back ratings week

Seven steals Origin week back from Nine, locking in an 8 week run since Easter.

Seven has not only won the week in ratings, it has managed to snatch back the previous week through Consolidated numbers -stealing it back from Nine.

That gives Seven an 8 week streak of survey wins since Easter.

Last week it led in news, sport and game shows, while Nine led in current affairs and 10 topped the week in entertainment.

Seven: 28.7
Nine: 27.2
10: 18.9
ABC: 16.5

Seven: 19.7
Nine: 18.2
10: 12.5
ABC: 11.4

7TWO / 7mate: 3.5
10 Peach: 3.1
9GO!: 2.9
9GEM: 2.8
10 BOLD: 2.7
9Life: 2.1
7flix: 1.9
10 Shake: 0.6
Other multichannels are TBA.

Seven also won the demos 18-49 and 25-54.

Best brands last week were:

Seven: Seven News (934,000), Seven’s AFL (Mon: 563,000), 7News Spotlight (532,000) and The Chase (520,000).

Nine: Nine News (818,000), A Current Affair (601,000), Celebrity Apprentice (Wed: 437,000) and 60 Minutes (432,000).

10: Have You Been Paying Attention? (631,000), MasterChef Australia (577,000), The Cheap Seats (383,000) and The Sunday Project (7pm: 370,000).

ABC: Gruen (618,000), ABC News (565,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (546,000), Australian Story (493,000).

SBS: Insight (190,000), Great British Railway Journeys (188,000), The Queen and her Prime Ministers (164,000) and SBS World News (151,000).

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  1. Seven’s AFL in eastern states particularly would’ve been helpful, but also Seven News’ edge it consistently has over Nine too… though both those are ‘normal factors’ I guess… Others have pointed out Logies broadcast [while top performer I think after Sunday’s news] didn’t rate ‘through the roof’ (versus say 10-20 years ago when it did… although pretty much nothing does and that’s mainly due to the changing patterns of network TV… also see big drops for Oscars in recent years versus say 20 years ago).

  2. Wow. Thats a big change too. They were behind by a bit. Channel 7 probably has the best online platform too in comparison to Nine and 10. At least it plays but Seven does have a lot of shows that you can watch after the fact. I know Big Brother doubles its audience after it airs and i’ve been watching The Resident, 9-1-1 and The Good Doctor later on too. But back to the platforms, just this morning i tried to watch a show on 9now and the first 10 minutes was fine, then i got 8 ads then it said video can’t be found and i refreshed and tried to go back where i was and it was like the same thing and i wasted 10 minutes of my time so gave up.

  3. That’s quite amazing. I initially thought this was a chance, but felt 0.5 was too big of a margin to claw back.
    While it’s not so much of a surprise that Big Brother does well in time-shifted figures, it’s been interesting seeing Network 7 shows such as The Rookie and The Good Doctor do so well. For all the criticism that 7 gets for skewing old, I would have thought this was a little contradictory.

    1. I had very similar thoughts, especially as one wouldn’t expect a live sporting event to have a big lift from 7day figures versus reality tv or dramas so thought seven were in with a chance but 0.5 points I also thought was too big a gap to make up. Whoever wins the rights to the afl from 2024 will pay big. David, 2 questions if I may please: I assume both Winter Olympics and Comm games are excluded in the weeks won calculations so this year is based on 36 rather than 40 weeks? Also, how has 9 managed to keep the logies telecast for so long given the event relies on cooperation from all networks?

    2. agree, quite amazing. I too thought it was just outside Seven’s grasp to snatch back the week.
      Not winning the week with state of origin is the absolute bomb for Nine – that should have been guaranteed. Poor programming against Platinum Party at the Palace special – should have anticipated this would draw a crowd. Losing the week might be the difference come November.

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