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  1. I’ve been watching the ABC 90th birthday show. This is a show that should’ve gone for 4 hours, maybe even 5 considering the gravitas, rather than 2 hours. There’s a lot to take in with all the history and 2 hours didn’t do it justice at all. 3 seconds of Consuming Passions, The New Inventors, Mother and Son etc. etc. It wasn’t enough at all. The sighs and awes could subtly be heard from the audience through my headphones for the very short moments that some of the shows were mentioned, like Consuming Passions. It was obvious that some shows should have had more coverage. It has been way too fast-paced and condensed. I do hope the 100th birthday show is a more comprehensive and long show.

    1. Thank you Pete. I haven’t started viewing yet. Hope to this weekend. I love this series and Nicola Walker in particular is one of my favourite British actresses. Everything she has done is top notch! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. Any news on an airdate for Season 3 of My Brilliant Friend (Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay)? It seems to have been available for some time elsewhere but just won’t seem to appear in Australia…does anyone know when we can expect it (presumably through Foxtel)?

      1. i sent SBS a message yesterday through their facebook asking why they took shortland street off (this was before i saw this) this is the reply i got back (basically for some reason we ended up being 3 episodes ahead of New Zealand thats why it has been taken off for yesterday, today and thursday) Dear Michael,

        Thanks for reaching out! We have not removed Shortland Street from our scheudling – we played one episode in the afternoon, whereas previously we were playing two episodes consecutively.

        The reason for this adjustment, is in reaction to the New Zealand release of the program, which we are contractually bridled to. NZ updated their scheduling rollout of episodes however hadn’t notified us— resulting is us airing 3 episodes in advance, pre-empting the New Zealand release. Hence, 3 eps of Shortland Street this week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) had to be removed to make sure we’re no longer 3 eps ahead. We’ll be back on track to match the New Zealand schedules from this…

  3. Coronation Street & Emmerdale are on FTA from Monday on 7TWO at 430pm-5.30pm. I can’t find info on how many years it will behind UK transmission . Also due to it only screening. 5 eps a week instead of 6 it will keep falling behind each week

  4. I tuned in to see how 1p news first breakfast is produced and I like the opener, but I turned it off because I don’t like Lachlan. Why didn’t they just make it from Melbourne everyday with tash instead of just Thursday and friday

  5. David I thought I had seen somewhere (I must have, because I don’t note down premiere dates in Aus without confirmation) that the new Hulu/FX show ‘The Bear’ was going to be on Disney+Star from this past Friday… yet still nothing. Any news on this? It’s one of my most anticipated shows of the year.

  6. Did anyone see the Southern Oceans Live last week – and if you did – would you believe they are inflicting a second episode on us this week ?
    I’m not exactly sure what the point was for this drabfest hosted by Hamish McDonald ( I thought he had packed up his bat and ball and departed the ABC for the safety of The Project ? ) and assorted boffins trying to look excited about …not much at all really.
    Crosses to divers with hard to understand reports on what was happening underneath the cold dark oceans really didn’t cut it…and if I’ve seen the Philip Island fairy penguins once, I’ve seen them 100 times …
    The live audience had a plastered on rictus smile in the background , obviously having been ordered to ” Smile !” by the freezing floor manager…
    Anyway the show – unsurprisingly – sunk without trace in the ratings , way out of the Top 20…what a waste of taxpayer’s funds giving us a show nobody asked for …and looks like very few watched …Well done Northern…

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